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Here's what some of our parents have to say about
their Williams School & Homeschool Academy Experience!


We were like a sinking ship out at sea and Homeschool Academy was our guiding light promising us hope and safety.  With deepest gratitude to them, our ship is now sailing. 

Our son, Sebastian, has learning differences.  I am a firm believer when there is one obvious difference there are assorted other less obvious problems.  We started recognizing Sebastian’s developmental differences when he was still a baby.  He received an assortment of therapies, speech, O.T., P.T., etc.  We worked hard to get him on board with his peers.  He did a great job of compensating.  With lots of hard work, determination and a lot of stress, Sebastian appeared to be excelling in public education.  We were pleased.  The modifications that had been set in place for him were never even utilized.  We thought he’d outgrown his differences. 

And then came fourth grade… He had stomach pain constantly.  He couldn’t force himself to eat and he desperately didn’t want to go to school.  The school nurse and counselor were involved throughout the school days.  Getting Sebastian to school each morning became an exhausting struggle met with tears and overwhelming anxiety.  We were frustrated, concerned, exhausted and at a loss as to what to do for our son. 

We were exploring our options; public school with modifications, private & home schooling.  I decided to let my “fingers do the walking” through the yellow pages and I happened upon Homeschool Academy.  I made a call, a call that would make all the difference.  I was invited to visit.  I did so as soon as I could.  I was welcomed with warmth, kindness and compassion.  It all felt so right.  At HA, learning differences are embraced.  No two children are expected to be the same.  They are encouraged to think outside of the box.  HA ’s curriculum meets the traditional requirements but in a nontraditional fashion.  The children can dig deep and learn about topics of interest.  They are not about “teaching for the test.”  They are about learning.  The stress of the conventional classroom is erased.  Because of its small size, the teachers and students are like family.  The school is warm, inviting, accepting and real. 

Our son, Sebastian, wants to go to school.  He no longer suffers from school related anxiety.  He no longer feels “different”.  He is accepted, loved, respected and nurtured for who he is.  And, he is being educated in an environment that is right for him.  It fits. 

Homeschool Academy saved our ship.  Sebastian is securely anchored and is happily and eagerly exploring the sea.

- Susan Biondi


My daughter has dyslexia. For years special education program administrators told me that her problems weren't severe enough to warrant any real help, and when modifications were put in place, overworked teachers complained that they didn't have the time to abide by those modifications. My daughter believed she couldn't learn. She hated school, and made every excuse to avoid going to school. The public school system was failing my child, and I was at my wits end. Then i came across two teachers that amazed me with their love of teaching and their dedication to all children. This school has been a Godsend. The change in my daughter is amazing. She loves to read, loves to learn, and loves to go to school each and every day. What else can a parent ask for? I am so happy Homeschool Academy came into our lives!

-D. Johnson




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